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The world is changing rapidly with AI (Artificial Intelligence), You'll work faster than ever by introducing into your workflow.

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Meet your new AI staff

Each person is specficially programmed to be execellent in their job role. You don't need to educate them. They're ready to recieve your instructions.

Work faster

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Upgrade your business processes using intelligent features

Superior to ChatGPT
Minimize prompt writing with our dedicated UI, multiple staff personalities, and specialized features tailored for your business needs.
Shared Context/Topic
Utilize our 'context' area to set goals or context, ensuring all staff members stay informed and aligned during conversations.
Real-time Learning (via Websites)
Quickly teach your AI staff about new websites by inserting a link, allowing them to share and reference the resource in conversations.
Staff Personalities & Features
Our pre-programmed staff excel in their roles, and we continuously improve to enhance your daily work experience.
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Frequently asked questions

Is it really free?

StaffUp AI is free to use! We're keeping StaffUp free to use while we develop the app. There's a usage limit to prevent abuse, though you can continue to use StaffUp by creating an account. A paid option will be announced the future.

What AI model to you use?

StaffUp uses the GPT-4 & GPT-3.5-turbo (Artificial Intelligence) models from OpenAI. Yes you can use GPT-4 here, even if you don't have access yet on the OpenAI website.

Do I need my own API key?

No, is ready to go. We use our own intergration with AI models like OpenAI.

Can I request a feature?

Certainly! We'd love to hear how AI can help your business. Please reach out to our support inside the dashboard.

“It's unreal how often during the work day I use to help me with tasks! As a solo founder managing multiple businesses at the same time, It's a game changer.”

Morgan Hvidt
Founder of WeCoast

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