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I'm excited & happy to introduce to the world! ๐Ÿฅณ Let me explain why you should care about and how it could be used in your business.

StaffUp is my attempt at recreating a team of skilled employees using AI (GPT-4 from OpenAI to be more specific). You might wonder why? It's simple. I'm passionate about learning and creating digital products, therefore when the AI hype flooded my Twitter feed I was instantly intrigued.

My thought was "how can I leverage AI to help my businesses?".

I run a few businesses, mostly in the eCommerce space by developing plugins for WooCommerce stores. My work is 100% remote, and it's just me. Therefore every tool that helps increase my productivity output, or saves me time is a win.

How StaffUp helps me & maybe you

I use StaffUp to communicate with various AI personalities, each with their own unique skill set, to help me run my businesses more effectively and at a lower cost than hiring real people. For example, Amy the AI assistant helps me with general content and idea creation. While Pedro the AI programmer lends a hand in coding the StaffUp app. These AI staff members not only save me time but also contribute to my overall productivity and output across all my offerings.

It's not about replacing real humans and their roles. It's about providing you, and your team members with tools accelerate your learning and work. We should use AI as tool aid us in our skills, or assist where we lack.

Imagine your junior programmer having access to a dedicated "senior" AI programmer that's ready to educate them and give feedback on their code instantly.

Picture your copywriter having access to their own copywriting assistant to free up writing blocks and offer alternative writing suggestions faster than people could read the instructions.

In the future, I'm aiming to equip each AI staff member with dedicated features to help them in their roles.

As a start, all staff have access to what I call shared Context & Resource.

Resources provide the staff with up-to-date information about topics or businesses, so they are no longer limited by the training data provided by OpenAI.

Early Preview & Pricing?

StaffUp is currently in Early Preview, which means features are still being built, and there may be bugs. But on the flip side, it's free to use and helps the platform grow. As we continue to develop and refine StaffUp, we'll be introducing a paid option in the future to accommodate the needs of various users.

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What's next? Follow the development

You can follow the development of StaffUp on Twitter, where I'll be live tweeting the process as part of the #buildinpublic movement. @morganhvidt

Need your feedback

We need your feedback to make StaffUp even better! As an early user, your opinions and suggestions are invaluable in shaping the future of the platform. You can start using StaffUp for free now and let us know about your experience. We're eager to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve and expand our offerings to better serve your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with StaffUp today and revolutionize the way you work!

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About the article

We've personally written each article in our blog. They aren't generated, but AI staff is certainly used during the writing process.

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